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The world of retail is undergoing an unprecedented wave of innovation. New business models are appearing. Consumer behaviour and expectations are evolving, the influence of retailing by e-Commerce is growing day by day. IAA is committed to be a player on this market. In order to do so, we take care that supply chain and digital paperwork efficiencies are the key to remaining competitive and satisfying our customers. It is our goal to develop collaborative partnership with our customers. In which we have dedicated ourselves to handle the shipment according certain standards and following our e-Commerce guidelines. Most important because the standards must be in agreement with the EU law for importing e-Commerce goods in Europe. And those standards are needed to handle all the paperwork on a digital way. Which on their turn are required for new innovating custom clearance software, at the moment in development by IAA. We think it is important to innovate at this point because of changing regulations. Our goal is to be serious player on the e-Commerce market, now and in the future, providing of excellent logistics services towards our customer, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs in this fast growing market.


International Airfreight Associates B.V. Project Department is specialized in a wide range disciplines with a never say no attitude, our expertise can fulfill your industry needs. We are focused to offer tailor made solutions for larger scaled projects. We understand the importance towards special means of transportation and with the experienced ability of our team and successfully fill your industry demands with a 24/7 care.

The International Airfreight Associates B.V. Projects Department will ship your oversized goods by air, sea, rail or road. It is the ideal solution for customers working in the following industrial sectors: oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, industrial plants, infrastructural projects, dredging and shipbuilding industry.


The most urgent shipments require the exclusive use of an entire aircraft, provided by our dependable charter desk services to and from worldwide locations.

We are experienced and equipped to provide tailor-made charter services on a 24/7 basis to meet your demands with required options. We will assist in determining the best charter solution for your airfreight shipment-needs and research carrier availability and negotiate the best charter price for your budget. For ultra-critical shipments our charter department is the premier choice.

When faced with constraints that standard airfreight cannot overcome we will partner with you in determining the best air charter option, which allows your business to reach its delivery objectives. We provide and have all the resources where we dedicated expertise to your charter requests.


International Airfreight Associates B.V. has a dedicated around the clock manned logistical service to supply there customers of components or services for aircraft in the AOG situation in a shortest possible time frame.

We are dedicated in maintaining the highest level of service towards our clients. We understand the vital requirements of reduce technical delays. IAA service the aviation sector worldwide with AOG and Aircraft Engine moves on a 24/7 service. AOG-Time Critical also involves Airline Support and Cargo Equipment, this means help with procurement and logistics for spare parts, having established connections with, manufactures and major stocking distributors gives us an advantage in procuring the needed items for a fair price.